Sarveno Offerings

We help companies increase the value of their customer relationships and enhance the value of their brands to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Our CRM offerings have positioned us a pioneer in the reinvention of customer relationship management in Iran.

These include approaches to improve on digital marketing investments, advanced methods for understanding customer’s purchasing preferences and habits and tailoring products and services based on that insight, and techniques for integrating information so that is available to the customer across all interactions.

I – CRM Diagnostic: It seems like a simple lesson, but before doing anything, you must do your homework. Many organizations embark on the CRM journey with no idea of where they’ll end up or why they started in the first place. This usually ends up in disaster. Organizations should assess the key drivers and challenges in improving relationships with customers, taking a comprehensive approach by evaluating their CRM strategy, technology and mindset. The diagnostic we employ for clients gives them a very clear picture of where they are headed and why.
II – Customer Segmentation (Analytics): Leverage customer behavior, attitudes needs, and value to develop actionable segmentation in order to enable the business achieve its strategies across marketing, sales and service areas.
III – Customer Experience Mgmt: design, deploy and monitor appropriate treatments per each segment to achieve segment objectives. Effort also includes conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
IV – Sales Force Mgmt: Optimize sales operations through process improvements and introducing capabilities and enablers such as team selling and sales reporting.
V – Partner Relationship Mgmt: Establish effective alliance partnerships through partner identification, development and integration capabilities.
VI – Marketing Mgmt: Enable effective execution of campaigns and supporting measurement models.
VII – Service Mgmt: Improve service delivery and execution in order to enable the delivery of differentiated service across all channels.
VIII – Contact Center & Channel Mgmt: Establish contact centers to manage all calls and other customer communications across all channels.
IX – HR CRM: Deliver on change management requirements that are needed as part of CRM initiatives.