Dear Iranian expatriates –

There is a point in time where momentum shifts directions and the tide takes a turn. We are in that point of time in Iran right now. Businesses are no longer playing the survival game, taking drastic cost cutting measures, and waiting for the return of good times. They are riding the wave of promising outlook.

This is an exciting time to be a management consultant in Iran, but it is also a challenging one. Iranian businesses are ready to expand and invest, but they lack the skills to fully exploit the benefits of easing of international sanctions.

Over the last few years, at Sarveno, we have been helping clients to take the steps to address their CRM challenges and be able to deliver a differentiated customer experience. We have been doing this through providing pragmatic, profitable and sustainable solutions which were learned while I was a Senior Manager in CRM practice at Accenture. We have taken a leading role in Iran by establishing a truly professional services company and offer services similar to what clients in US and Europe have experienced from leading global consulting based firms.

If you are an alumni or currently working with Accenture, Bain, BCG, Booz Allen, Capgemini, Deloitte, E&Y, IBM, KPMG, McKinsey & PWC and are interested of taking on this challenge in Iran, then please let us know. We would love to have a talk and determine how best we can work together to take on what promises to be an exciting time.

Looking forward to hear from you.